Kid Zone :: Sundays during both services :: 1st-6th grade

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Elementary kids are ready to learn! They think like scientists and they're motivated by fun. Every week, we seek to engage their interests so they will trust God's Character and experience God's Family. Our kids leave with their teachers after the music portion of our Worship Services. They then stay in the Children's Building until parents pick them up after Church. 

Each month we have a new Life App to enforce basic Faith Skills in a child's life. Every week we will learn a Bible Lesson encouraging things such as faith, contentment, wisdom, obedience, service, compassion, self-control, cooperation, hope, perseverance, etc. We use 252 Basics on Sundays which is based off of Luke 2:52: "Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people." (NLT) All of our lessons enforce the 3 Basic Truths from this passage: 1) I can trust God no matter what 2) I need to make wise choices 3) I should treat others the way I want to be treated. 

Our Kid Zone is a Large Group/Small Group format. The kids are together for the main lesson and break in to Small Groups to dig in deeper and build relationships to encourage each other. 

Kid Zone Includes:

  • Engaging Bible Lesson told in creative ways

  • Games

  • Small Group activities to enforce the Bible Lesson

  • Memory Verse

  • A weekly "Bottom Line" to remember

The last Sunday of every month is "Family Sunday."  We believe it is important for families to have times where they worship together for the whole service. There is, of course, no greater influence on a child, than their parents. What better way to instill the importance of Church in a child's heart than by watching their parents worship? By observing and participating with you, they will learn to worship, study and cherish God's Word, give, pray, and enjoy the fellowship of the Church Family. Nothing will influence them greater than seeing Mom and Dad's passion for Jesus in action! We can help you lay Biblical foundations through teaching but the Bible teaches that the home/family is the MAIN source for which kids learn to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus. It's important for families to worship and to serve together. Kids learn by example. As they get older, they understand more and more of the sermon and the significance of other things - such as Communion and Baptism. On a Family Sunday, be sure to grab Kid Versions of “sermon notes” (for older kids) and coloring pages (for younger kids) in the foyer.