Join the community of others who attend Eastern Hills by using InFellowship.

It's simple! CLICK HERE to access your existing account or CLICK HERE to sign up for a new account.

Once logged in you can:

  • Update your contact info and add personal information if desired (add photo, contact info, social networks)
  • Access small groups
  • Opt-In and Access church directory 
  • See and print your giving history 
  • Manage privacy settings

Why Register with InFellowship?

1: Accurate Info To Stay Informed
Infellowship is an online profile manager that links you to what’s going on at Eastern Hills.  If you've turned in a communication card or given to Eastern Hills…then your information is a part of our records.  By registering, you’re connecting to your church information and keeping it up-to-date.

2: Church Family Directory
The church directory is an opt-in option. You are currently not in the church directory unless you select to be in it. We encourage everyone to opt-in. YOU are in control of who sees what info. For example, maybe you only want the Church Office to have your phone number and you only want your e-mail address visible to those in your Small Group... You can do that! (Only those currently attending Eastern Hills can opt-in and view any portion of the Directory.)

3: Small Group Directory
This is a great way to get connected with a Small Group! Getting involved with a Bible Study Group is the best way to feel connected and part of Eastern Hills. It is where you get to know others in the Church, share your lives and study God’s Word together. Search all our Groups online and with your information up-to-date, your small group leaders will have your current contact information so you can stay up to date with all of the group's activities. 

4: Sign Up for Events
Once you are registered, you’ll be able to register for events and activities that we offer year around. 

Quick Getting Started Steps:

  1. Using the link above, register for an account on our online system, InFellowship. Be sure to check your email for a confirmation message to confirm your account. Many times this email is caught by spam filters, so check your junk email before requesting help from the church office. The email will show as sent from

  2. Complete your profile so we have your latest information. Be sure to use your legal name for tax purposes and note any preferred nicknames within your profile. Make sure to use proper capitalization for your name and address and type your phone number with dots. (***.***.****)

  3. Click on "Privacy Settings." Use the sliders to control who can see what. At the bottom of this page, you will also have the option to opt-in our church directory. Only other InFellowship users who have also opted into the directory will have their information listed. 

  4. Please Note: If you signed up using information we already have on record for you, you will be able to see your past giving history immediately and can access the online church directory (if you have opted in to this feature). If you don't see your giving history or the directory link, that's okay too... Your new InFellowship account will be matched to your existing information in 7 to 10 days. Anything you contribute in the meantime will still be included in your giving history after matching.

  5. Each username created is unique to the individual household member logging into their account (you must use a different e-mail address than your spouse). However, each InFellowship user will be able to access the shared household records on file within our database (i.e. phone, emails & giving records). Please contact the church office if you would like certain household members to be listed separately within our database. 


Eastern Hills Community Church takes the privacy and security of your information seriously. Any information that is collected is stored by our church management system, Fellowship One. Fellowship One uses the latest technology in order to protect your information. Fellowship One guarantees: “The entire network is protected by firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems. Inside the firewalls, the systems are safeguarded by multiple network address translation, port redirection and other IP addressing schemes.” In addition to network security, Fellowship One also maintains the highest levels of application and data security within the industry. Within the Fellowship One system, “all data transferred over the network uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption backed by 128-bit Geo- Trust digital certification.”