Discovery C.L.A.S.S.
(christian. life. and. service. seminar. )


Mature faith and a strong Church does not just automatically happen. You need to work at it with the power and presence of God’s Holy Spirit. These four classes address the basics of Christian growth and corporate community. These classes are designed to take in order, beginning with Church Membership. If you have already taken all four classes and want a refresher course, they may be taken in any order. The Discovery Classes are scheduled a few times a year, with all four classes on the same Sunday afternoon. Plan on about four hours for the one time seminar on each topic, with a free meal halfway through the class. God wants us to grow in our Christian maturity and these classes are a sure way to keep us on track. May God bless you as you make the commitment to attend all four classes.

In HIS Service and Love,
Pastor Mark


Discovering EASTERN hills (Church Membership)
Taught by Pastor Mark

This class is an introduction to our Church Family. Going to this class doesn't automatically make you a member. You decide after going to the class if you want to be a member. This seminar does teach you who we are as a Church, what we believe, our doctrine, our future goals, our values, and the structure of the Church. We talk about Salvation and the meaning of Baptism and Communion. We talk about the Five Purposes of the Church and come to an understanding of why we are here. It is a time to ask questions about the Church and get to know others better. We share the journey that led us to this point and our vision for the future. Come and learn about our Core Values and what Eastern Hills has to offer you. Also learn of ways that you can give back to God through our various ministries. This class also teaches what a Church is to be. We are a family, a fellowship, a body, a flock, and a community. We look at how to have a healthy Church - because, a healthy Church is a growing Church. This class helps to get everyone on the same page. The Bible says, “How can two people walk together unless they agree?” It is our goal to have a strong, unified Church in the love of Christ.


Discovering Christian Maturity
Taught by Scott Adams

Do you have trouble keeping a daily quiet time with God? Do you have trouble understanding the Bible when you read it? Do you need help with your prayer life? This class is the second in our series of Discovery Classes that give you help in these areas and more. Learn how to effectively read and study the Bible for yourself. Learn how to have an effective Quiet Time with God. This class teaches the different elements of prayer. You will also learn how to be an effective steward to God of your time, money, and talents. The early New Testament Church met on the Lord’s Day together and in smaller groups throughout the week. This class talks about your need for fellowship with other believers in the context of Church on Sundays and a Small Group during the week. These topics are discussed to show you how to grow as a Christian after your salvation experience. God has created us mentally, physically, and spiritually. We need to grow spiritually, even as we have in the other two areas.


Discovering Your Ministry
Taught by Paula Weatherford

Do you want a class that is fun and interactive? Then this class is for you! The third in our list of Discovery Classes helps you come to an understanding of how God created you for a specific reason and ministry. The S.H.A.P.E. acronym will be used to discover your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences. You have been uniquely shaped by God to serve Him in a special way. This class goes through a list of gifts and talents that can be used in various ways for the Kingdom of God. Spiritual Gifts are used to uplift and encourage the Church. Everyone is important, everyone can do something in the Body of Christ. The Bible describes the Church as an active, growing body with hands, fingers, legs, etc. - everyone doing something in the bond of unity and love. This class also talks about the various Ministry Teams available in the Church to live out your SHAPE. You were created for a purpose. God’s Church needs you.


Discovering Your Mission
Taught by Larry Loucks

Do you need some help in knowing how to share your faith with other people? This last class helps you to understand your field of influence and where God has put you to be a witness for Him. Learn some basic scriptures about salvation and how to share them in a natural way. Learn how to respond to various questions people have about Christianity. Also see what God is doing through local and foreign missions. The Great Commission commands us to share our faith with others (Matthew 28:19-20). God’s presence is guaranteed to be there to help us. It is your story to tell and your blessing to receive as you share with others. If Jesus is in your heart and on your mind, He will be on your lips. This class will also discuss various missions and outreach opportunities.


*All Classes are on a Sunday afternoon at 3:00. Each class is 3-4 hours with pizza served midway through the class.